OpenAI CEO worried ChatGPT could “eliminate many current jobs”


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“We have to be careful here,” said Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI.

Sam Altman, CEO of the company that created ChatGPT, arguably the best-known AI chatbot in the world, revealed that he was “a little bit scared” of his company’s invention during an interview with ABC News.

“We have to be careful here. I think people should be happy that we’re a little bit afraid of this,” said OpenAI CEO Sam Altman during an interview. He said it was because the technology itself was incredibly potent and potentially dangerous. When asked about the reason behind his “frightened” reaction to the creation of his company, Mr. Altman replied that if he wasn’t, “you should either not trust me or be very unhappy that I am in this job.”

“It’s going to eliminate a lot of current jobs, that’s true. We can do a lot better. The reason to develop AI at all, in terms of impacting our lives and improving our lives and the upside, this is going to be the best technology humanity has yet developed,” Mr. Altman continued.

Sir. Altman also discussed the effects AI-powered chatbots could have on education and whether they could promote student laziness. “Education is going to have to change. But that has happened many other times with technology. When we got the calculator, it completely changed the way we taught math and what we tested students on,” he continued to the magazine.

OpenAI recently launched GPT-4, the AI ​​technology that exhibits human-level performance on some professional and academic tasks. According to the company’s blog, the latest chatbot is “more creative and collaborative than ever before” and would “solve difficult problems with greater accuracy” than its previous versions.

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