Powerball winner buys $25.5 million mansion in Hollywood Hills – NBC Los Angeles

The winner of the biggest prize awarded in the history of the US lottery made his first big purchase – and it’s a stupid one.

Edwin Castro bought a $25.5 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills, according to Dirt, a real estate publication.

The 15,000-square-foot mansion is located in the foothills of Los Angeles County. Some of Castro’s new neighbors include celebrities like Ariana Grande, Dakota Johnson and Jimmy Kimmel.

The property is situated on a 0.58 hectare plot and has an infinity pool, five bedrooms, six bathrooms and other communal spaces. The main room is on the third floor and has its own balcony.

Much of the house has glass walls that offer a fantastic view of the city from the hill.

The only winner of the $2 billion Powerball drawing was announced in November 2022.

The California Lottery announced that Edwin Castro was the winner of the historic Powerball jackpot on February 14. Castro decided to take a lump sum of $997.6 million after paying taxes.

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