Ari Emanuel’s security guard shoots himself in the leg near the businessman’s house


Ari Emmanuel

Security guard shoots himself in the leg, the police are called

Ari Emmanuel will likely be looking for new security, at least temporarily, since a member of his security team shot himself in the leg while patrolling Ari’s home.
Law enforcement sources tell us they were called to Emanuel’s Beverly Hills location around 11pm Sunday night for the shooting. We’re told the security guard was either getting dressed in his vehicle for a shift or adjusting his gun holster when the gun went off … hitting him somewhere in the leg.
We’re told the shooting itself didn’t take place on Ari’s property.
Our sources say the security guard was transported to the hospital, although we don’t know his condition. Police believe it was all accidental.
Emanuel, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, is the CEO of Endeavor, the entertainment and media agency that owns the UFC.
Emanuel is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, earning him numerous accolades throughout the industry — including Jeremy Pivens character, Ari Gold, on “Entourage”.
We reached out to Emanuel for comment … so far, no word back.

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