Boxing: Pete Davison and Chase Sui-Wonders clash in Beverly Hills and end up crashing into a house

Pete Davison and Chase Sui-Wonders were recently seen having fun at the beach only to later be involved in a car accident while speeding in Beverly.

According to LAPD, Pete Davison and Chase Sui-Wonders was over a Mercedes Benz going really fast and lost control of the vehicle and suddenly couldn’t clear the curb, then took out a fire hydrant and finally smashed into a house.

Pete Davison and Chase Sui-Wonders took out a hydrant

There are some photos of the crash circulating online since TMZ broke the story, and it appears that there were no drugs or alcohol involved in the accident, however, an investigation is still ongoing.

No one was injured in the crash involving Pete Davison and Chase Sui-Wonders

As soon as that happened, they contacted police and arrived directly but made no arrests but as it seems it was an accident but the investigation is not completed.

There is not much information about Pete Davison and Chase Sui-Wonders‘ interaction with the homeowners, but it is likely that the insurance company will be involved in the accident.

That The couple was recently photographed in Hawaii enjoying themselves on the beachit looks like they might have been returning from the airport.

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