Former Ring Of Honor Owner Cary Silkin Sides With Dutch Mantell Against Ric Flair

It wasn’t that long ago that it looked like Ric Flair’s legacy would be forever tarnished after sexual misconduct allegations against him resurfaced following the “Dark Side of the Ring’s” episode on “Plane Ride from Hell” . Instead, Flair remains undaunted, giving motivational speeches to St. Louis Blues, fought a retirement match and even been welcomed back to WWE.

He has also found time to get into online feuds with former wrestler and manager Dutch Mantell, a dispute in which some in the wrestling world are choosing sides. That includes former Ring of Honor owner Cary Silkin, who joined Twitter Thursday morning to reveal that he is a stalwart member of Team Mantell.

“Sorry folks, every word Dutch Mantel says about Ric Flair is true,” Silkin tweeted. “Flair owes me 41k from not fulfilling 4 Ring of Honor appearances in 2009. Yes, I was an idiot to pay Ric up front. That’s my story and it’s sad but true.”

This is not a new claim by Silkin as he and Ring of Honor sued Flair in 2010 after Flair failed to show his final contract performance in Montreal and allegedly refused to return the $10,000 he was paid for the performance. The lawsuit also claimed that Flair had agreed to a role as an ROH authority figure, but only appeared once before backing out. ROH ultimately secured a default judgment after Flair never responded to the suit.

At the time of writing, Flair has not responded to Silkin. “The Nature Boy is likely getting ready for the WWE Hall-of-Fame ceremony at the end of the month, where he is expected to induct The Great Muta.

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