“I know people who never get over it” – Deadline

Seth Rogen has made some critically acclaimed films such as The Fabelman family and has starred in some not-so-great films throughout his career. The actor now opens up about how it can be very hurtful to read statements from film critics.

“I think if most critics knew how much it hurt the people who made the things they write about, they would second-guess the way they write these things,” he said. Diary of a CEO podcast. “It’s devastating. I know people who never get over it, honestly, years, decades of being hurt. It’s very personal… It’s devastating when you’re told institutionally that your personal expression was bad. It’s something that people carry with them, literally, their whole lives, and I understand why. It’s fucking embarrassing.”

One of the movies that got a lot of negative reviews was 2011’s The Green Hornet. However, Rogen said box office results topped the negative feedback from critics.

“To Green Hornet, the reviews came out and it was pretty bad,” Rogen said. “People just hated it. It seemed like a thing people were happy to like a lot. But it opened to about $35 million, which was the biggest opening weekend I’d ever been associated with at the time. It did pretty good. That’s what’s nice sometimes. You can get a sense of success at times.”

That’s what the reviews were for The interview he was more upset as it felt like a “personal rejection” for him to be the producer and director of the comedy.

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