Iowa City’s The Deadwood hosts Will Ferrell for documentary

What can compete with an Ashton Kutcher appearance in Iowa City?

Comedian and movie star Will Ferrell shows up at a downtown bar on a random Wednesday.

Deadwood was the place, and it was buzzing when Ferrell arrived in a vintage wood-paneled station wagon — Twitter photos appeared to show a well-preserved, old-school Jeep Wagoneer — with a producer and film crew in tow.

Bar manager Carlos Amaya said the production team had called the day before and told him they were filming a road trip documentary and that the producer used to visit the bar and wanted to use it as a setting.

He was not aware of the name of the manufacturer. But Andrew Steele, a frequent production partner of Ferrell and a “Saturday Night Live” writer during Ferrell’s years on the show, is an Iowa City native. Another Steele, Harper, appeared at her alma mater, Iowa City High, with Ferrell earlier in the day, according to a Facebook post from the school district.

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