Mark Wahlberg ran into a Dallas teacher and filmed a message for her students

March 2 marked a normal Thursday night for Jac Farley. She was reading a book in the car while waiting for her husband to pick up a few items from a local store.

Then her evening took a sharp turn toward the extraordinary when her husband came out of the store and told her who he saw inside: Mark Wahlberg. The Dallas school teacher quickly ran inside hoping to grab a quick selfie with the actor.

She found him in the back of the store, signing bottles of Flecha Azul Tequila, a liquor brand he invested in, and taking photos with customers. She stood in line until Wahlberg asked if she wanted to take a picture.

“I thought, ‘I’m a teacher, my kids are going to be excited when I show them this next week,'” Farley tells “And he said, ‘No picture, put it on video.’ Let’s record something for your class.’”

Farley, 30, who says she is a “huge fan” of the Wahlbergs, began filming. She later posted the entire interaction on TikTok on March 2, where it has now received over 800 thousand views.

“Casual night with…” Farley begins the video, panning the camera to show Wahlberg by his side.

“I’m here with Mrs. Farley,” Wahlberg says.

“Your favorite teacher,” Farley adds.

“She got a little stress reliever,” Wahlberg says cheekily in the clip, holding up a bottle.

“Oh my God, don’t tell them,” Farley laughs.

Taking it in stride, he continues, “Hey, I’m here with Mrs. Farley, she’s getting water, juice, and Gatorade.”

Then Wahlberg, who Farley says was “beyond kind,” added a sweet message to his students.

“God bless you,” he says. “Hey, stay in school. Can’t wait to see you guys change the world. Let’s go.”

TikTok users quickly turned to the comments section to weigh in on the interaction.

“Love how you casually say OMG Mark don’t do that to them. Like you’re BFFs. The best!” wrote one user with a crying laughing face and heart emoji.

“How does it feel to live my dream?!?!” another user called in.

To end the exchange, Farley says Wahlberg gave her merchandise and a signed bottle of tequila. But Farley has no plans to open the precious bottle anytime soon.

“Obviously we’re never allowed to drink it,” she laughs. “I’ve already been told it will never be opened.”

Farley and her husband ended the night by watching a Wahlberg classic: “Ted.”

“We watched because we were like, this is so crazy,” she says.

Farley predicted her kids would “freak out” when she showed them the clip at school on Monday, and she was right: She says they’ve been taking it up all day.

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