No one can take sides in Kellyanne and George Conway’s divorce

Cindy Adams


March 5, 2023 | 18:31

Conway goes his own way

Stories have it that parents of four Kellyanne Conway and attorney George Conway have divorced.

We knew each other. So closer to Donald Trump than his cell phone, she came to my house for lunch. I keep remembering one night.

Anders’ inauguration night. Collectively, hundreds of VIPs in black bodies, long lines to enter, standing forever in spike heels – provide ID. Kellyanne.

Beautiful in a skin-tight fantastic red dress. Mink jacket. pulled me inside. I sat at her table.

The man George was so proud. Everyone needs Kellyanne.

No one fusses over the respected lawyer George who silently took her coat, quietly followed her and wore the coat all night.

What happens now is that divorce courts have to decide and news organizations have to report. No one can take sides.

No one was within their walls. I just wonder and think: Could this be how The Infinite planned life to be?

Conway and her husband released a joint statement on Twitter announcing their divorce.

Action heroes among us

Schwarzenegger’s new Netflix series is “FUBAR.”

Do not ask about its meaning. Could not be for printing on family paper.

This former Governor says they have to give the people what they want – whatever that means.

Schwarzenegger: “ ‘FUBAR’ kicks your ass, makes you laugh. For a whole season. Giving my fans exactly what they have been waiting for.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger (right) plays the character Luke in the Netflix series “FUBAR”.

Whatever that means, those asses have to wait.

It is closed until May.

Another movie hero: Bruce Willis.

Jeffrey, a Green Beret, called Howard Stern: “Willis loved hanging out with Special Ops. After 9/11, he wanted to enlist. Too old at 46, he needed waivers, but they wouldn’t give them to him. ”

Bruce Willis has starred in dozens of movies and series, including the “Die Hard” franchise.

No matter who/what, we always loved Bruce.

So long li-ion

Staten Island and Lower Manhattan legislation may take lithium batteries over — even to the point of banning their storage locations.

Lithium-ion phosphate batteries are known to explode. Endanger lives. Cause fires. Overheating. In electric vehicles, laptops, boats, e-bikes, phones and scooters.

In 2022, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 25,000 problems over a five-year period.

In 2022, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 25,000 problems with lithium batteries over a five-year period.
John Angelillo/UPI/Shutterstock

NBC reported extinguishing a fire that took thousands of gallons of water.

The International Association of Fire and Rescue Services claims that battery-related fires have increased fivefold in six years.

So: Now comes Alsym Energy’s made-in-America technology.

Alsym’s non-toxic non-flammable technology replaces these lithium ion phosphate batteries.

Alsym says theirs are cheaper than li-ion.

The industry wants a better way, and it wants it “Made in the USA!” Alsym could be a game changer.

Choose your painter

Park West Gallery asked me, who never even owned crayons, to find another Warhol or Renoir.

Their new “Painted in New York” idea will be showcased at the Soho location for three months alongside Dali and Picasso.

Submit three originals: painting, sculpture, collage, drawing or illustration.

NYC VIPs select 10 semi-finalists. For mentioning this, I will probably win a Joe Biden coloring book.

ASTRONOMERS say that June 23 is the longest day of the year – that is, if you don’t count the Oscars.

Said NOT just in New York, kids – not just in New York.

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