Pat Sajak does something he’s ‘never done’ before on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

And he will never do it again.

Pat Sajak has hosted Wheel of Fortune for decades, but apparently he still hasn’t run out of first places.

The longtime game host checked something new off his list of experiences after a recent episode of Wheel of Fortunewhere he came close—and much in person – with one participant.

In footage of the moment uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday, Sajak, 76, was seen talking to a contestant named Greg, who was rocking a large Santa beard that Sajak wanted his hands on.

“Now Santa needs help during the holidays, and I understand that you fill that role,” Sajak told Greg in the clip, insinuating that Greg works as a Saint Nick impersonator.

“That’s right. I’ve been helping Santa for 25 years,” the contestant replied, though he said he’s only had the “real” beard for about six years, which he claims has made “all the difference in the world.”

“Are they still pulling it?” Sajak wondered, prompting Greg to reveal that he usually tells them to pull their beards to prove he’s the real deal. Naturally, Sajak wanted to test the theory himself.

He asked Greg if he could pull his beard before going over and giving it a tug before storming away, exclaiming: “I’ve never done that and I’ll never do that again,” as the crowd roared with laughter.

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“40 seasons of Wheel and Pat does something he’s never done before 👀,” the Wheel of Fortune Instagram account captioned the post, which viewers ate up, as usual.

“Pat is just hilarious!! I just love this show!! It makes me feel good every night!!😃🤣❤️❤️❤️” wrote one user in the comments, while another wrote: “That was sweet of Pat .”

“Y’all are so funny😂🤣😂 Love this show!” added another.

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