Prince Harry is close to being ‘exiled’ from the family: Andrew’s ex

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March 7, 2023 | 15:37

Lady Victoria Hervey compared Prince Harry’s relationship with his brother to that of Cain and Abel in the Bible.Getty Images

Lady Victoria Hervey, who previously dated Prince Andrew back in 1999, believes Prince Harry “self-sabotaging his relationship with his brother” will cause his exile from the royal family.

Speaking to The Mirror on Monday, the socialite said: “It’s becoming a bit of a blood sport. Harry is getting himself closer and closer to being banished. I think he’s only one or two steps away from that it happens.”

She added that “he pushes the line as much as possible so that it happens and he can wallow in victimhood.”

Lady Victoria, 46, went on to compare Harry’s relationship with his older brother Prince William to that of Cain and Abel – the first two sons of Adam and Eve – in the book of Genesis.

In the story, Cain murders his brother because God favored Abel’s sacrifice over his own and was jealous.

“I think Prince Harry is self-sabotaging his relationship with his brother so much that it has now become Cain and Abel,” she noted.

She believes that their strained relationship will get him banished from the royal family.
Getty Images

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Harry, 38, and William, 40, have gone from putting on a common front to having a notoriously strained relationship.

In his recently released explosive memoir, “Spare,” the Duke of Sussex claimed he and William got into an argument over Meghan Markle allegedly getting physical.

Harry wrote that the two shouted at each other until William pushed him to the floor, causing him to land on a dog bowl and injure his back.

He also accused his brother of ignoring him when they were both students at Eton, of his time in the military and of being jealous that he had come up with the concept of the Invictus Games.

Harry has been very vocal about his feud with his family.
Getty Images

He also accused the Prince and Princess of Wales of being less than accommodating to Markle, even encouraging him to wear a Nazi costume to an infamous fancy dress party.

Last week it was revealed that King Charles had asked his son and daughter-in-law to leave their UK residence, Frogmore Cottage, a day after “Spare” was released.

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed they have been invited to Charles’ upcoming coronation, but have not announced whether they will attend.

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