Queen of Dancehall Spice Announces Pregnancy on Heels of Health Update

Queen of Dancehall Spice

I am pregnant!!!

Spice is alive and well, and she has some very exciting news — she’s having a baby, which is a huge departure from the rumors that she disappeared due to a bad plastic surgery.
The Queen of Dancehall made her pregnancy announcement Tuesday … posting a photo of herself in an all-blue style with an obviously preggo belly. In the caption, she wrote: “God has been so good to me. 💙💙💙”
Unclear if all the blue is also a gender reveal.
The baby news comes not long after rumors started swirling about why she went MIA on social media late last year. The rumor mill was working overtime, churning out theories that Spice had disappeared or was in a coma due to plastic surgery gone wrong.
ICYMI, she ended up clearing the air, telling her followers that she wasn’t in a coma or dead, but had actually suffered a damaged hernia and was rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery.
At the time, she said she was taking time to recover. She also took time to get pregnant, of course … and she’s smiling from ear to ear about it. Although we don’t know how far along she is, it is clear from the photo that she is well past the first trimester.
Congratulations Spice, on your dancehall heir!!!

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