Rita Ora’s abs are 🔥 in these underboob-baring bra top pics on IG

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  • Rita Ora just dropped some Instagram photos that show off her unique fashion sense and super strong body.

  • In the pictures, the singer showed off her absolutely jacked abs in her underboob-baring knit bra top and low-waisted skirt.

  • Rita hits the sweat super hard and enjoys doing high intensity interval training with her trainer.

Rita Ora is a total precocious queen in her latest IG photo dump and the internet is freaking out.

The 32-year-old “Poison” singer treated fans to some Instagram snaps of herself in a knit bra top and low-waisted skirt, looking seriously hot and strong. Like you could probably see her abs from outer space.

Rita accessorized the look (and her abs) with a pair of fingerless gloves, ballet flats and socks. Rita makes it all come together, of course. It gives Lindsay Lohan in freaky friday, and I’m here for it.

“Happy Monday with a little knitting situation 💫❤️ I gotta love it 🥰,” Rita captioned the photos. People obviously loved the powerful images and told Rita about it in the comments on her post.

“The fit 🙏😩‼️” commented one fan. Another added: “I mean this as the highest compliment: you dress like my imaginary friend circa 2001. ❤️❤️.” Overall facts.

If you’re wondering how Rita gets her super-strong abs and overall glow, I’ve got you. The first thing you should know is that she has a varied fitness routine.

When she breaks a sweat, Rita took with Jono Castano, who is the founder of steel gym. Rita even shared some behind-the-scenes action shots from fitness center last year where she did chest presses in a bridge position (to make sure she worked as many muscles as possible).

Jono Castano narrated Daily mail which the duo are great at doing HIIT training. “My philosophy calls for recommending a combination of exercise that includes HIIT, stretching and recovery,” he said.

Rita also takes care of herself in other ways. When it comes to self-care (and skin care), she loves a face mask, as evidenced by this Instagram. So it might have something to do with her super dewy skin.

Rita also seems to love a good garden tea party. I’m quickly adding this to my list of known hangouts. Thank you Rita, you are inspo to us all!

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