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March 9, 2023 | 21:30

New photos show the extent of the damage to a Beverly Hills home after Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders crashed into it late Saturday night.

Photos from that night show the exhausted actor wearing a hoodie and blue jacket, talking to officers at the scene and filing some paperwork.

The 29-year-old looked pale as he tried to explain to authorities what had happened.

According to reports, Davidson lost control of his vehicle after hitting a fire hydrant while driving at a high rate of speed.

The collision sent the Mercedes flying into the side of the apartment building just off the intersection.

The car took out some of the home’s siding, causing it to snap and push inward with some of the wood paneling falling off. The living room window also jumped out of its frame.

Pete Davidson crashed into the side of a Beverly Hills home over the weekend.
Davidson looked exhausted as he spoke to officers shortly before midnight.
Karl Larsen / BACKGRID
The “Saturday Night Live” alum was photographed and gave police all of his information.
Karl Larsen / BACKGRID

It appears the “Saturday Night Live” alum also drove across their yard, running over a small tree just before impacting the home.

The crash apparently totaled Davidson’s car, left the entire left bumper destroyed and shattered the driver’s side window and windshield.

There are still deep tire tracks in the lawn and car parts scattered all over the yard, which have not yet been cleared since the accident.

Davidson crashed his Mercedes-Benz into the home after hitting a fire hydrant.
Karl Larsen / BACKGRID
The accident removed some of the house’s siding.
Karl Larsen / BACKGRID
The family has reportedly decided not to sue the comedian for the damages.
Karl Larsen / BACKGRID

Fortunately, the airbags deployed and saved the couple from serious injury.

However, there was a 16-year-old girl in the home at the time of the accident, who has reportedly been left “slightly” traumatized – but physically unharmed.

The teenager’s father told TMZ that she had been home alone reading and thought the boom from the crash was actually an earthquake.

Davidson’s car was apparently totaled in the wreck.
Davidson also damaged city property after destroying the fire hydrant.
Karl Larsen / BACKGRID

Davidson and Wonders, 26, have since issued an apology to the family – who decided not to sue the actors.

While the investigation is still ongoing, Beverly Hills police confirmed that Davidson also damaged city property — the fire hydrant, which spewed gallons of water onto the street.

Police confirmed to The Post that Davidson had been driving “at a high rate of speed” around 11pm on Saturday night before jumping a curb and then sliding into the home.

There are still deep skid marks and car parts scattered on the home’s lawn.
The couple have been dating for a few months.
Lauren Menowitiz/Shutterstock

Davidson and Wonders, who starred in the 2022 horror-comedy film “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” had recently returned from a Hawaii vacation together in January.

Prior to the unfortunate welcome home, sources told Page Six that the couple, who have been dating for a few months, are “getting serious.”

“They’ve been friends for a long time,” the insider shared, “and this romance grew out of friendship.”

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