Ridiculous Situations And Funny Punchlines: 22 New Comics By This Artist

When we look at a piece of art, what happens is that we usually perceive some sort of emotion, whether it’s positive or negative is entirely up to us, but in the end, the artist still has achieved a certain goal – a reaction. We asked Jared to share with us what he’d like for people to take away when looking at his comics.

“The main idea that I would like my audience to take away from my comics is that life can be very difficult, but we can always look on the bright side even when times are hard. It’s imperative that we look back on those trying times and laugh at them or learn from them. Like a baby having an accident on your face, or a dog, well, also having an accident on your face! It’s terrible at the moment, but now you have such a funny story to share with family and friends. It can be challenging to have this mindset, but if we can find a way to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, then we will be much happier in the end.”

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