THE MARVELS Promo Art Reveals First Look At Captain Marvel, Spectrum, And Ms. Marvel’s New Costumes

Captain Marvel was a $1 billion hit for Marvel Studios back in 2019, and we’ve been waiting a very long time for the sequel. That finally blasts down into theaters next summer, and some merchandise for the movie offers a first look at the new costumes worn by Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau/Spectrum, and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel.

We first saw Carol’s costume in Mrs. Marvel‘s post-credits scene when she mysteriously traded places with Kamala. Her suit remains much the same here, although Kamala’s superhero suit has definitely undergone some alterations.

That’s a shame in some ways as there was such a lot of meaning behind the suit the teenager’s mother created for her. The design remains largely the same at least, although those of you with a good memory might recall this being revealed some time ago in set photos (it looks significantly more impressive here, we’d argue).

The biggest talking point has to be Monica’s new look. Following the events of WandaVision, she has indeed become a full-blown superhero by the looks of it, and is now suited up in her comic book counterpart’s classic black and white costume. As a result, we’re left with no choice but to assume she’s taken on that “Spectrum” codename.

The Marvels looks great so far, and word from D23 is that the first teaser trailer definitely impressed. In terms of when that will be released online, we have Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 arriving before then, so it’s unlikely to be until well into next year.

The Marvels is set to be released in theaters on July 28, 2023.

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