Why the world needs more 3D designers

Through the abundance of possibilities it offers, 3D has emerged as the most exciting frontier in design. So why haven’t more creatives realized it yet?

As the findings in our landmark 3D Skills Report reveal, demand for 3D is at an all-time high. Not only did 63 percent of the independent creatives we surveyed say they are having to turn clients down due to the volume of work coming in; of the in-house creatives, 80 percent said clients ask for 3D skills at least five times a year. If demand is outstripping supply, why aren’t more artists getting involved?

Perhaps many feel the world of 3D isn’t for them. Our survey also revealed that a huge proportion of artists aren’t represented in the 3D design world — specifically female creatives. 78 percent of the 88 creatives surveyed said there are more men than women in the world of 3D design. “It can be hard for a woman to feel welcome in the ‘boys’ tech club’,” said one 3D artist respondent.

To dig deeper, we asked female 3D artist Loulou João from Ghent, Belgium, to shed further light on the findings in our report. “Everything that’s related to tech is male dominated, so 3D has the same problems that tech has,” she tells us. “Girls aren’t being told that they can do this too, that they don’t have to create that super high-tech watch. Girls are not being motivated, or just don’t think they can do it. But I do think that’s changing.”

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