Bam Margera allegedly left estranged wife high and dry during separation


Bam Margera

Reportedly left Nikki High & Dry

… In the midst of separation

Bam Margera recently expressed outrage that his estranged wife beat him – but she has every reason to after the predicament he’s left her in… so says her lawyer.
Nikki Boyd‘s lawyer, David Glasstells TMZ … “Unfortunately, Mr. Margera doesn’t seem to understand what ‘supporting your wife and child’ means” — this in response to Bam saying last week that he was “disappointed” that she and Glass had. said of him in public.
Glass adds, “Nikki has no car, no money, gets kicked out of her apartment and can’t afford to send their kid to school, while Bam drops $50,000 in bail and who knows how much on a Las Vegas trip. ”
DG of course refers to Bam posting bail last week after being arrested for domestic violence near San Diego — though the DA says the goods aren’t there to prosecute him.
The final haymaker from Glass … “Either Bam or his parents – whoever controls his money – must give Nikki enough money every month to take care of their son.”
You may remember … Nikki recently requested separation from Bam, after months of not being together his addiction struggles. Things seemed to be going well for a while – when Bam brought their son, Phoenixon stage with him while on tour with Steve-O — but things fell apart.
Late last month, Bam addressed Nikki and Glass in a social media post about the financial support. Bam claimed he didn’t have to pay Nikki spousal support because they were never officially married. He went on to say that he had paid her $5k a month, had done his part, but if he wasn’t able to see or talk to his son, he wouldn’t send any more money.
As for where they go from here … Glass tells us he’ll be filing paperwork in court seeking child support, spousal support and attorney fees as early as next week. He claims the last time Nikki received any dough from Bam was two months ago – only $5,000, which he says BM’s parents sent on his behalf.

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