Two Jasper authors publish first books

Two authors with ties to Jasper County recently published their first books and each plans to write at least one more in the future.

Lenora L. Wright and Arthur S. Benjamin have published books, now available for purchase, with completely different subjects. One is a children’s book; the other is geared to a more diverse audience.

Wright recently published her first children’s book, “Mommy’s Smile,” a postpartum love story about depression and anxiety.

“One in seven new moms will experience depression or anxiety during postpartum,” Wright said. “For something to be so common, the conversation is a little too quiet. I hope to normalize the conversation and to continue to remove the stigma of shame attached to it.”

Wright, a pharmacy technician at Hilton Head Hospital, is the daughter of William and Lisa Hunter, who reside in Jasper County.

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