BTS’ Jimin Shares ‘Set Me Free Pt. 2’ From the debut solo album ‘Face’ – Rolling Stone

Jimin frees himself from deeply rooted feelings on “Set Me Free Pt. 2,” the first single from his upcoming solo debut album face released on March 24. The song arrives alongside a music video that captures the BTS member acting as the lead centerpiece of an elaborate choreography routine.

The song features punchy beats that lift the singer’s vocals as he moves across the screen with a crowd of dancers all performing in unison as the room flashes in waves of light. “I wandered into a maze/ Hennessy and night/ I’ll never stop, I’ll never stop/ Again, repeat/ I’ll never stop, fuck all your opponents/ Finally free,” Jimin sings as he breaks from the crowd. For the chorus, he repeats, “Set me free.”

“Set Me Free Pt. 2” is the first of six songs Jimin will release on facewhich includes collaboration credits from producers Pdogg, GHSTLOOP, EVAN and groupmate RM.


“Through Face, Jimin will present his own musicality with distinct timbre and impeccable dance performance,” explained a statement about the record, adding that the album will find the singer exploring his “story of fronting his true self and taking a new leap forward as an artist.”

In 2021, Jimin spoke honestly Rolling stones about the pressure he puts on himself to deliver flawless performances for their fans. “When I debuted, I had the shortest training period. And I feel like I wasn’t quite ready and confident when we debuted. I still have my shortcomings,” he explained, adding that fans who appreciate his work push him to do better. “It makes me feel that for their sake and for their affection I must not make mistakes. So if you’re asking how do I learn to be easier on myself or more generous with myself, I think that’s going to be something that will continue to be very difficult for me because of how I feel.”

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