Comedian and activist Suzy Eddie Izzard says she has wanted her new name since she was 10 years old

(CNN) Suzy Eddie Izzard is looking forward to a new chapter.

The activist and comedian announced his new name on Tuesday’s episode of the political party’s podcast.

“I’m going to be Suzy Eddie Izzard, that’s how I’m going to roll,” she said. “So people can choose what they want. They can’t make a mistake. They can’t go wrong with me.”

The Emmy winner said on the podcast that she’s wanted to go by the name Suzy since she was 10 years old. At the time, she said, she thought, “no, this is not going to happen.”

As Izzard’s Hollywood career began to take off, she said she felt she couldn’t “repeat” what her public-facing name had already become.

“And then I thought, well, if I’m doing her/him, why don’t I add it to the name? Because I’ve got ‘Edward’ on my passport, it’s quite wooden and big, and I don’t call it that myself. So I just thought I’d add Suzy in there and then Eddie and people can pick whatever they want and nobody can go wrong,” she said.

Izzard came out as transgender in the 1980s. She began using the pronouns she/her in 2019 after the chancellor of Swansea University referred to Izzard by these pronouns during a ceremony where she was presented with an honorary degree. She explained that “it felt amazing” to hear herself referred to as “she/her” and adopted the pronouns as her own thereafter.

In 2020, Izzard began publicly using feminine pronouns while appearing on a segment of Sky Arts’ “Portrait Artist of the Year.”

Izzard has had a decades-long career in film and television, appearing in the “Ocean’s 11” films and NBC’s “Hannibal” series, among many other titles, in addition to her stand-up comedy work. Outside of Hollywood, Izzard is a member of the UK Labor Party and is a dedicated political activist.

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