Joaquin Phoenix runs through the streets of DTLA during ‘Joker 2’ filming


Joaquin Phoenix

Driving Thru DTLA for ‘Joker 2’ …

Eyewitness not impressed

Joaquin Phoenix is back running the streets of Gotham as the Clown Prince himself – but despite the action being filmed on the ground… there are some who are taunting from above.
Check out this footage obtained by TMZ where the actor can be seen on the set of ‘Joker 2,’ which was shot on location Saturday in DTLA … and where JP did a few shots where he’s being chased by some bad guys, who happens to be dressed in Joker gear.

It’s pretty interesting … you see Joaquin here (as Arthur Fleck) in a business suit, no makeup and a couple of goons following him as they weave in and out of traffic. One of the guys on the tail is actually dressed in his ‘Joker’ outfit from the first movie.
There’s some good action caught on camera here, but the pic doesn’t seem to be a big fan of Joaquin or ‘Joker’ in general…because he talks a lot of crap throughout.
At some point you can see the director Todd Phillips go through the scene again with Joaquin (who is in plain clothes, masked) – and there the cameraman also has snarky comments to offer. It doesn’t seem like Todd and co. worried about people watching…they were busy trying to get shots and it looks like they were preoccupied with them.
A couple of takeaways… it looks like the sequel to the 2019 hit will actually take place, in part, outside of an asylum — which is where we last saw Joaquin’s Joker. no sign of either Lady Gaga anywhere on Saturday’s set, but she’s also in this (as Harley Quinn).
Anyway, the secret is out… ‘Joker 2’ is in production and Mr. J is on the loose!

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