‘Stranger Things’ Jamie Campbell Bower Sings Lizzo As Vecna

Vecna ​​may be terrorizing Hawkins, Indiana, yet again, but over here in the real world, we’re just basking in Jamie Campbell Bower’s voice. Bower, who plays Vecna/One/Henry on Stranger Thingswas up for anything when he went on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon! last night. On Fallonthat means doing some funny voices. The result was Bower reciting a series of phrases as Vecna ​​that the scary monster-at-large would likely never say. These included the big romantic speech from Notting Hilla certain erotic line from Titanicand finally a cloying rendition of the current No. 1 song in the country: Lizzo’s “About Damn Time.”

Bower came not just for the games but with news! Specifically, the news that he is going to star in a movie with Kevin Costner. “I’m doing a Western saga with Mr. Kevin Costner,” said Bower (except you have to read that with Bower’s accent, which causes “Costner” to become “Costnuh”). “I’ll be in Utah in October, riding a horse, wearing a Stetson.” Okay, cool, Jamie. As long as you’re back in time to terrorize Eleven and be foiled by ’80s underground pop superstars when necessary, we’re excited to see it.

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