I sort of found this by accident – but this is the original version of Ghost Riders in the Sky.

I found this by accident — this is the original version of Ghost Riders in the Sky. 1948.

One of my all time favorite songs — this is damn near live. Like more like it is a live take.

And it is the best version I have ever heard. Better than even Vaughn Monroe.

Thought I’d share this. I am starting to really like youtube. They sure have really cool stuff. There is a live version of a choir that does the cool arrangement, I know of, for O cast me not away from their countenance — but you would have to like Brahms. An acquired taste I guess. I thought holy shit — what don’t they have? It is an obscure version of that piece. The way they had the altos answer the baritones — I think it is magical. But rarely performed. I always liked Brahms though. But I was sure shocked it was there. Really weird.

Oh fuck it — I have to link this — it is 2nd movement from his 29th ops. Prettiest piece of music I ever heard. Magical to me. Do you hear the altos and the baritones just going off on their own? How they overtake the tenors and sopranos here.

I can’t believe I found this.

I just wanted to point out — as some here have noted — Stan Jones is the guy who wrote Ghost Riders in the Sky. This is how he intended it to come out. Just so you know.

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