“Please Don’t Yell at My Husband” – Deadline

Emmy Heming Willis, the wife of actor Bruce Willis, has made an emotional plea to paparazzi to stop shouting or otherwise distracting her husband while he’s on the road.

“Obviously, there’s still a lot of education to come,” she wrote on Instagram on Saturday. “So this one goes out to the photographers and video people who are trying to get the exclusives of my husband out and go: Just hold your seat. I know this is your job, but maybe just hold your seat.”

She added: “For the video people, please don’t yell at my husband and ask him how he’s doing or whatever – woohoo-no and yippee ki yays … just don’t do it. OKAY? Give him space. Allow our family or whoever is with him that day to get him from point A to point B safely.”

This month marks one year since Willis’ family – including Emma, ​​ex-wife Demi Moore and his five daughters – announced that Pulp Fiction actor was diagnosed with aphasia, a neurological disease that impairs communication and cognition. It has now developed into dementia.

His wife’s video came after an outing in Santa Monica was hampered by media trying to capture a rare public appearance by Willis.

“To other carers or dementia specialists navigating this world … Any tips or advice on how to get your loved ones out into the world safely? Please share below,” Emma wrote.

Bruce Willis turns 68 on March 19. His wife is 45.

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