The Bachelor 2023 LIVE — Ex-showrunner slams Zach as fans predict Kat’s ‘rebound’ after heartbreaking exit from Budapest

Zach faces backlash over “gaslighting” contestant, continued

The TV personality got defensive as he shot back: “I had such a good time with us and now it’s about a one-on-one?”

“What am I overlooking?” he asked as Jess laughed uncomfortably through her tears.

“To not get a one-on-one when in my position it’s a big deal, I just don’t know where your head is at. Like I’m confused,” she admitted.

The pair sat in awkward silence until Zach replied, “To be honest, I feel like there’s that disconnect.

“I don’t feel confident about this anymore, and I feel nervous. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel so confident,” he claimed, completely changing his tune from the beginning of the conversation.

“As hard as it is, and it pains me to say,” he added.

Zach faces backlash over a “gaslighting” contestant

The Bachelor episode saw the season’s front runner reunite with several girls after being forced into quarantine with Covid-19 during a recent episode.

But after sitting down with contestant Jess Girod, fans slammed Zach as they felt his behavior towards her signaled a “red flag”.

During an evening party, the reality star pulled the brunette away so they could have a private conversation where she explained her lack of confidence compared to the other girls.

Zach told Jess that she had no reason to feel that way since he felt “secure” in their relationship.

Jess then broke down in tears on screen as she explained that she felt left out after Zach didn’t choose her for a one-on-one date the week before.

The former Bachelor beats Zach down

Bachelor alum Nick Viall tweeted a critique of Zach’s response as women open up to him.

“Every time Zach hears either woman express an insecurity, instead of showing an ounce of empathy, his face just drowns in disappointment,” Nickwrote wrote.

In a follow-up tweet, the former protagonist shared that he thinks Zach is “well-intentioned” but “just lacks experience and has probably had an extremely emotionally comfortable life to date.”

‘Zach is literally the villain of his own season’

During last week’s episode of The Bachelor, fans claim Zach is the ‘villain’ after Jess came out about her insecurities and how upset she was that she hadn’t received a one-on-one date yet.

Zach got defensive and told her he “didn’t understand,” causing the conversation to escalate — eventually leading to Jess’ exit from the show.

As she rode away, Zach became emotional and tearfully told producers he was “confused”.

Fans have not gone easy on Zach, labeling him the show’s “villain.”

One fan tweeted: “Zach is the villain this season, prove me wrong.”

Another agreed: “Zach is literally the villain of his own season.”

Who went home?

Tonight on The Bachelor , Greer was sent home only after returning to the show three weeks later.

After that, Zach sent Brooklyn home on their one-on-one when he told her that she didn’t feel safe in their relationship.

In the end, Kat went home during the rose ceremony.

Comes up

A preview for next week shows it’s a double header: Monday is Hometown Dates and Tuesday is the Women Tell All.

The women’s families prove protective of the contestants, and a family member interrogates Zach.

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