The Voice Recap: Sheer Element/Jej Vinson — Blind Auditions, Night 2

Many viewers have said that The voice isn’t really about the contestants, it’s about the coaches – and they able to have a point.

But after Monday’s introduction of Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan to the mix ( read the recap here ), I was… pretty okay with it. They were bright and funny and, best of all, engaged; there was none of that “Eh, whatevs” feeling that we’d gotten from some been-there-done-that-got-the-t-shirt coaches in recent seasons.

Plus, some of the talent showed real promise. Take, for example, former Team Kelly Clarkson member who returned with reinforcements on Tuesday after half a dozen seasons to compete again. WHO? Read on…

Sheer Element (Team Kelly), “Leave the Door Open” – Grade: A | Not as smooth as, but smoother than silk, this trio of USC alumni—including Jej Vinson from Kelly’s Season 16 crew—delivered an absolutely stunning rendition of the R&B smash that got chair turns from all the coaches except Blake Shelton. And take this for what it’s worth, because I never do this: I actually went back and rewatched the track, it was that good. (Want to do the same? Click below.)

Carlos Rising (Team Blake), “Change the World” — Grade: C+ | The 28-year-old, who remembered Kelly as one of his first childhood crushes (ouch), did a perfect job on his Eric Clapton cover. There was just nothing special about it. He had good tone (which Chance compared to Jamiroquais) and good control, but “nice” and “good” probably won’t take him beyond the games. Even Kelly, who flipped with Blake, admitted she’d like to hear more dynamics.

The Voice Recap Sheer Element Jej Vinson Blind AuditionsMagnus (Team Chance), “Sara Smile” — Grade: C | After longing for a solo he never got while singing in choir, this former middle school choir teacher finally got one Tuesday. But even though his runs continued for miles, there was a falseness to the one-chair tour performance, as if he wasn’t singing from the heart, but doing an impression of someone singing from the heart. At least his coach was high on him. Magnus left Chance ready to clear space in his trophy case.

Kala Banham (Team Niall), “Both Sides Now” – Grade: A | So pristine were the first notes, I would have immediately turned to Kala (pronounced “koala without the O,” she explained). As it was, she eventually won over all the coaches except Blake. (WTH, dude? He’d never heard the Joni Mitchell classic?) Niall, who went so far as to block Kelly, marveled at the “crazy and tender” qualities of Kala’s vulnerable moments. Equally impressive, however, were her power notes. Live Playoffs or Bust!

Jimmy Fallon, “I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Around)” | Huh. Hyping It’s My Jam at Blind Audition, the Show tonight the host did such a good impression of Michael McDonald that Chance actually appeared to have been fooled. As synergistic campaigns go, this was a pretty good one. But we better not additional shortened performances later because of this!

So which of Night 2’s Blind Auditioners made music to your ears? Vote for your favorite in the poll below, then hit the comments.

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