Tom Sandoval apologizes to Ariana Madix over affair scandal


March 8, 2023 | 02:04

Tom Sandoval finally issued a scathing apology to Ariana Madix following the news of his “months-long” affair with Raquel Leviss.

“First and foremost, I want to apologize to everyone I’ve hurt through this process,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star wrote on Instagram Tuesday night.

“Most of all, I want to say sorry to Ariana. I made mistakes, I was selfish and made reckless decisions that hurt someone I love. No one deserves to feel that pain so traumatically and publicly.”

“I can only imagine how devastating this has been for Ariana and everyone around us. I feel really terrible about it,” Sandoval continued.

“My biggest regret is that I dishonored Ariana. I never meant to disappoint so many people, including our loving families and friends.”

Tom Sandoval finally issued an apology to Ariana Madix on Tuesday night.

Sandoval insisted that his love for Madix was “stronger than any camera could have ever captured,” adding that some of the couple’s “best times together were never filmed.”

“The same goes for some of our biggest matches,” he wrote to his 968,000 followers on the platform.

“I wish that things happened in a different order and that our relationship was not seriously tainted and that it ended with the same respect for her that it began with. I owed Ariana better.”

Sandoval and Madix got into a relationship in 2014.

The Bravolebrity, 39, said he is “beyond sad” at the way his nearly ten-year relationship with Madix has ended.

“The choices I made hurt so many people,” he wrote. “I acted in a way that clashes with who and how I want to be.”

“I will continue to reflect and work with myself. I have work to do. I always have and I always will,” he concluded.

It emerged that Sandoval and Leviss have been involved in a months-long affair that started this summer.

The post marks the first time Sandoval has publicly apologized to Madix over the fallout from his affair scandal.

Over the weekend, the reality star shared a public apology on Instagram, avoiding any mention of Madix.

“Hey, I fully understand and deserve your anger and disappointment towards me, but please (Tom) Schwartz leave my friends and family out of this situation…” he wrote on Instagram Saturday.

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Sandoval clarified that Schwartz, 40, only found out about the affair “very recently” and “didn’t condone it.”

He then apparently directed anger at his and Schwartz’s new LA bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s, which fans called a “boycott” after news of the cheating scandal broke last week.

“There are 3 other partners and 20 employees who depend on the restaurant for income for them and their families,” Sandoval wrote. “Like (first beat) TomTom, I’m a small part of a much bigger thing.

Sandoval said he is “beyond saddened” by the way his nearly decade-long relationship with Madix has ended.

“Please direct your anger at me and not them. They did nothing wrong.”

Sandoval promised to take “a step back” from the business “out of respect” from his colleagues and employees.

Leviss, for her part, filed for a temporary restraining order against co-star Scheana Shay following reports of a “heated confrontation.”

Madix has not yet spoken publicly.

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