TV meteorologist uses Snoop Dogg lyrics in weather report, rapper gives him props

TikTok / @weathermanadam / CW39

Snoop Dogg

It’s going to be a Dogg Day Afternoon in Houston!!!

…. Weatherman Raps Snoop Lyrics

A Texas meteorologist used Snoop Dogg‘s lyrics to earn a TV weather report … and he won major props from the hip-hop legend himself!
Adam Krueger accepted a challenge from one of his fans on TikTok to intertwine the words to Snoop’s first solo single, “Who Am I?(What’s My Name?)” into his forecast on CW39 in Houston.
Check out the video — as he assures viewers it’s going to be a nice day in the Houston area, he drops some bars from Dogg — “From the depths of the ocean to the back of the block.”

BTW…major coincidence. Snoop’s lyrics are super similar to the first ever local anchor —Jerry Dunphy — who opened his newscast with … “From the desert to the ocean, to all of Southern California, good evening.”
Back to Krueger — he mixed it up a bit by belting out the title of another Snoop song — “Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat” — which also featured Dr. Dre. “We’ll be hot and humid, with highs in the 80s, guess what, ‘it’s like that, rat tat tat tat’.”
Snoop apparently saw the video and was so impressed that he reposted the clip on his Instagram page.
Others on social media also gave Krueger props. One person said: “Man I love this! As stressful as the world can be, the weatherman sneaks SNOOP lyrics into the forecast!!!!”

TikTok / @weathermanadam / CW39

Krueger has been sprinkling his weather forecasts with famous song lyrics for a minute. Beyonce, The infamous BIG and eminem have all been used to predict what’s in store when Houstonians venture outside!

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