Research progress in leaf related molecular breeding of cucurbitaceae

Cucurbitaceae crops play an important role in agricultural production, and they are a primary source of vegetables and fruits for daily needs. The cultivation of cucurbit varieties with excellent agronomic characteristics has attracted much attention in recent years.

As the main source energy organ of Cucurbitaceae, the development of leaves is closely related to yield and environmental response. In this paper, the main research achievements on leaf development of Cucurbitaceae plants were summarized, and the origin, genetic research, gene mapping, and effects on the agronomic and economic characters of the leaf shape and leaf color mutants of Cucurbitaceae were introduced.

In addition, the effects of some hormones and environmental factors were reviewed. This work provides a reference point for molecular breeding of leaf development of Cucurbitaceae.

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Liu, Y.; Xu, H.; Wang, H.; Feng, S. Research Progress in Leaf Related Molecular Breeding of Cucurbitaceae. Agronomy 2022, 12, 2908.

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