‘New and terrifying’ discovery on remote Brazilian Trindade Island

Scientists studying a remote volcanic Brazilian island known as a haven for green turtles said they were alarmed after discovering rocks made from plastic debris strewn across the land mass. Scientists ran tests on the rocks — called “plastiglomerates” — on Trindade Island and discovered they are made of a “mixture of sedimentary granules and other debris held together by plastic,” according to a Reuters report. The plastic – believed to be mainly from fishing nets – washes up on the island and eventually melts and embeds itself in the islands natural geology. “This is new and scary at the same time because the pollution has reached geology,” geologist Fernanda Avelar Santos of the Federal University of Parana told Reuters. “The place where we found these samples (of plastic) is a permanent conservation area in Brazil, near the place where green turtles lay their eggs,” Santos said. “The pollution, the waste in the sea and the plastic that has been dumped incorrectly in the oceans become geological material … preserved in the soils geological record.”

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