49ers receive seven compensatory draft picks

The NFL announced Thursday that 37 compensatory draft picks have been awarded for this year’s draft, with the 49ers picking up seven picks in the process.

Four of the 49ers’ new picks come as a result of the NFL’s formula that awards picks to teams that have a net loss in free agents. The other three selections are a result of the league’s initiative awarding selections to the former employer club of a minority employee who has been hired by another club as its head coach or primary football manager. Jets head coach Robert Saleh, Commanders General Manager Martin Mayhew, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans and Titans General Manager Ran Carthon have left the Niners in the past three years.

All three of those 49ers picks are third rounders. The Browns and Chiefs also received third-round picks via that route, and the Rams joined the 49ers in picking up four overall picks due to their free agent losses.

All 37 choices are listed below:

Third round

96. Arizona

97. Washington

98. Cleveland

99. San Francisco

100. Kansas City

101. San Francisco

102. San Francisco

Fourth round

135. New England

Fifth round

167. Aries

168. Arizona


170. Green Bay

171. Aries

172. Fighting

173. San Francisco

174. Las Vegas

175. Tampa Bay

176. dallas

177. Aries

Sixth round

210. New England

211. Minnesota


213. Arizona

214. Las Vegas

215. Washington

216. San Francisco

217. Kansas City

Seventh round

250. Kansas City

251. Aries

252. Tampa Bay

253. San Francisco

254. Fighting

255. San Francisco

256. Green Bay

257. New Orleans

258. Chicago

259. Houston

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