Looking Back at the Houston Astros’ Trade for Yordan Alvarez

Outside of the postseason, the most frenetic time of the MLB season is often the trade deadline. Each year the contenders push their chips all-in while the also-rans punt on the season in order to stockpile prospects for the future.

Over the course of franchise history, the Astros have landed superstars like Randy Johnson, Carlos Beltran, Justin Verlander and Zack Greinke at the deadline.

On August 1, 2016, the Astros acquired a then relatively unknown Cuban “IF/OF” by the name of Yordan Alvarez from the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for Josh Fields. It was a minor deadline deal they made in 2016 that has since had franchise-altering ramifications.

The trade was rather unheralded at the time. The Dodgers needed help with their bullpen and asked about Fields, a reliever who was putting up good numbers in AAA, but had struggled with the big league club, posting a 6.89 ERA in 15 appearances. Then president of baseball operations, Jeff Luhnow, asked for “Y. Alvarez” in return.

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