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with Kirt Manion

The headline blares “Fans Furious over Pete Rose Decision.”

A click reveals that Major League Baseball has decided to continue the punishment of Pete Rose, who was removed from Hall of Fame consideration due to betting on baseball.

The fans are right. This is a joke.

Pete Rose is the all-time hits leader and more than deserves induction into the Hall of Fame.

We’re way past time to let this go. I’ve read the apology by Rose in his letter to the commissioner. And I don’t care about it.

Pete Rose can be simultaneously guilty of betting on baseball and worthy of Hall of Fame induction.

He mastered the game of baseball. And one has nothing to do with the other.

Sometimes people talk about an asterisk being placed on the achievements of players. And that wouldn’t be necessary at this point with Pete. Everyone knows this story. Pete is father from perfect.

Major League Baseball wants more than that. Instead of asterisk being placed, MLB has decided to mark Rose’s application with a big X.

And the fans are not supposed to follow suit and fail to honor Rose for his achievements? Please.

His mastery of the game is not in question, but the legitimacy of the HOF is in question.

And it will continue to be in question as the years go by without the induction of a “steroid era” star to the hall.

In that case, MLB is acting like it had no role in promoting home runs and no knowledge for how all of them seemed to suddenly pile up.

Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were doing what baseball wanted them to do, take PEDs and hit dingers.

Barry hit more than anyone else. It’s nonsense that Barry Bonds won’t be considered for induction.

Pete should be in. So should Barry. It’s funny that Pete could be locked out due to his gambling. And Barry locked out due to performance enhancers.

But the sport of baseball never has to confront its wrong doings. There’s been a lot of wrongdoing.

Look! Fans! Cast your eyes on that perfect palace of the HOF. Here is home to perfect people almost as much as perfect baseball players.

Do you buy that? Neither do I. In truth, the HOF could build a wing of the HOF dedicated to all the terrible people who did bad things to the game itself. And with all the baloney that’s gone on in baseball, there probably wouldn’t be room for Barry or Pete.

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