Malik Beasley Wants To Stay in Utah, Win Sixth Man of Year

Malik Beasley Wants To Stay in Utah, Win Sixth Man of Year

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Beasley: The expectation with us going into the season was that we were all underdogs. Collin Sexton, Lauri Markkanenduck Jared Vanderbilt. Me and Jarred came from playoff teams. I’m not saying we were the main factors, but we did play a nice part in changing Denver into a playoff team and then Minnesota. When we came in, we heard what was expected out of us to be a tanking team, but a lot of the guys in the locker room during training camp said, “Let’s be great.” We have a nice team. If we put it together the right way, we could be really good. To start off, none of us had egos. We all wanted to prove that we’re a special team.

It took us a minute to figure out everyone’s position and how to build everyone in and grow. Even today, we’re still learning about each other. I think it’s been huge for our team to be winning, and we don’t even know each other (that long). As a veteran, in late-game situations, you kind of have to know your players and what you’re going to do. We won a lot of games to start the year in late-game situations. It shows that once we’re about 50 games in (chemistry-wise), it could be dangerous for a lot of people.


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