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Brian Daboll doesn’t think the Giants’ season is at a crossroads

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The Giants were 6-1 when their October 30 game against the Seahawks kicked off and that game looks more and more like a turning point in their season with every passing week.

Seattle won that game and the Giants have now lost three of their last four games after Thursday’s 28-20 road loss to the Cowboys. That’s left them at 7-4 with a roster thinned out by injuries as they get set for three straight divisional games in the next three weeks.

Given the change in circumstances, Giants head coach Brian Daboll was asked if he feels his team is at a crossroads heading into next week’s game against the Commanders.

“No, I see it as getting ready to play Washington. . . . Yeah, just come back, do the same stuff we always do each week,” Daboll said in his postgame press conference. “Get ready to play a game. Take some rest. It’s been a tough 12 days. Obviously, we haven’t gotten the results we were looking for, but I think we’ve got to just get a little bit of rest, mental recovery, physical recovery. Come back on Monday and get ready to play another division game. They don’t get any easier. Each week is tough, and we’ll stick with our practice, our preparation, all the things we need to do to try to go ahead and give us an opportunity to win a game. But, again, it’s the ebbs and flows of a season.”

The last couple of weeks have felt more like the Giants slamming back to Earth rather than ebbs and flows, but they’ll get plenty of chances to show that isn’t the case in the coming weeks.

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