Projecting the playoff top 25 during rivalry week

The College Football Playoff race took a major turn over the weekend following Tennessee’s loss at South Carolina and near whiffs by TCU and Michigan, supporting the idea this year’s postseason remains unpredictable heading into rivalry week. In our latest selection committee top 25 projection, the top four remains the same, but there is lots of commotion behind unbeaten TCU.

At this point in the season, the selection committee is looking at overall resume, quality wins and potential conference championships won. Several playoff hopefuls have already locked in bids in their respective title games, but can’t afford another loss prior to Selection Sunday. LSU is seeking to become the first two-loss team to appear in the final four if the Tigers win out again Texas A&M and Georgia.

There’s even a scenario in which a two-loss Alabama is mentioned again in a couple of weeks, but that’s so far down the road it’s not worth detailing unless mass chaos happens this week.

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Here’s our outlook on how this week’s fourth College Football Playoff rankings will look and each contender’s path to a final-four spot.

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