Best agents to pair with Gekko in VALORANT

A new agent in VERIFICATION is fun, but the real joy comes from finding the perfect agents to pair with them. The newest agent for trainers and tacticians to play with is Gekko, the LA-based promoter who uses his collection of creatures as his abilities.

There are lots of interesting abilities in Gekko’s VERIFICATION kit also: The Mosh Pit expands to a wide radius after landing on the ground, then explodes after a short delay. Dizzy attacks enemies and blinds anyone in its line of sight. Wingman can be sent forward to hit the first enemy he sees, or even plant or defuse the spike with his alt fire.

Finally, Thrash (Gekko’s ultimate) is directed at opponents and restrains them (like a Killjoy Lockdown) for a short time.

Image via Riot Games

Gekko excels at creating space for himself and his teammates, deterring enemy aggression during opposing replays or executions, and flushing opponents out of angles.

His biggest comparison to another agent is arguably Breach, as they can both use blinds, stuns and damage to take control of the map, except while Rolling Thunder stuns opponents, Gekko’s Thrash ultimate holds them back.

So how do you get the most effective use out of Gekko? Although agent comps are quite significantly card dependent, here are some must-pick means for any composition running with Gekko.

Astra (or another smoker like Brimstone or Omen)

Of course, most compositions on any card need a smoker, but Gekko being able to collect the orb for Dizzy, Wingman, and Thrash and use the ability again after a very short cooldown means that the smoke cover is so important. Being able to cover Gekko while effectively recharging his abilities for free means a team can maximize his ability to clear space.

The reason Astra is recommended is simply to link her Gravity Well star with Gekko’s Mosh Pit.


Speaking of Gekko’s Mosh Pit, it looks an awful lot like Viper’s Snakebite, which for the uninitiated can cause some confusion. But Viper’s presence alongside Gekko is a huge boon even without the same colored abilities, given how well the two could combine spot executions and afterplants. Having two controllers with this comp also means more cover for Wingman to plant on behalf of Gekko.


The information Cypher can acquire with his abilities is best paired with Gekko. Given how much information Cypher can pick up with his Trapwires and Spy Darts, that information can then be used by Gekko to punish pinned opponents with blinds, damage, stuns or holds.

Jett or Raze

Having an agent that can play the aggressive entry means that Gekko doesn’t have to be on the edge, which is what you want for an agent with so much offensive utility. Gekko landing blinds and stuns means that Raze or Jett can rush in and punish those opponents while affected.

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