Cammy shows off her improved Hooligan combo and 2 Super Arts in new Street Fighter 6 gameplay footage

Continuing this week’s trend of reveals and new information, it looks like it’s finally time to get a better look at Street Fighter 6’s final core roster member.

Capcom has just released some brand new gameplay footage for Cammy White, showing her improved Hooligan combo options as well as 2 of her Super Arts.

As previously revealed in the info that came with the last SF6 trailer, Cammy can now hold down her Hooligan combo which causes a slight delay but also boosts/modifies the effects of her follow up attacks.

The new footage shows her charged Fatal Leg Twister springing the opponent into the air, leaving them open to a combo extension from Spiral Arrow and perhaps other specials.

We also get to see 2 of her Super Arts that weren’t included in her first trailer reveal, one of which is her classic Spin Drive Smasher from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

We’re not sure if the first Super in the new gameplay has a direct incarnation in previous games, but it looks similar to the beginning of her Killer Bee Assault from Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Cross Stinger Assault from Street Fighter 5.

Given that she performs this after an Overdrive Spiral Arrow, it’s Cammy’s level 2 Super Art that looks like the move is done mid-air, which can also act as a combo extender.

It also confirms that Cammy will be one of the few characters in SF6’s first roster to have access to at least 4 Super Arts, since we already saw her level 3 and reference to the Street Fighter 2 movie.

The new footage drop comes right after Capcom showed similar showcases for Zangief and Lily, so now we’ve at least seen every SF6 character outside of their reveal trailers, though there’s still a lot we’ve yet to learn about them.

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