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Season 3: Echoes Within is here, and so are even more Forge creations. Today we looked at all the latest creations that have been added to the recommended section of the content browser in Halo Infinite and here on Halo Waypoint, which allows you to bookmark them now for use in the game later.
Check them all out here and give them a try the next time you hop online!
Credits: Nitroo, MythicFritz
Bookmark: Sicarra
The secrets behind this ring are greater than the sands of its dunes.
Credits: UneeQ TV, Arpod
Bookmark: Necromancer
A recreation of the Wizard from Halo CE is overgrown with vegetation.
The wizard. Warlock. Necromancer.
A dilapidated, abandoned city block created in Forge.
Prepare to fall into a Battle Royale experience built from the ground up to take full advantage of Halo Infinite’s sandbox.
Credits: MastermetaleX, Bxmpy Pxpper
Bookmark: The rat’s nest
A Razorback and Warthog sit idle on a recreation of Halo 3's Rat's Nest.
Halo 3 rat or Halo Infinite rat? Why not both?
Credits: Greater pain, Vlad356
Bookmark: water plant
An expansive cave reveals that the map is Halo 2's waterworks recreated in Forge.
While the Forerunners excelled at imitating natural beauty, the machinery in this cave exemplifies their true genius.
A Forge recreation of the Forerunner interior by The Silent Cartographer from CE.
The island has several structures and installations. One of them contains the map room.
Credits: UneeQ TV
A Forge remake of Halo 3's Amplified.
The legendary Forged arena from Halo 3’s MLG playlist has been reborn.
Rockets sit on a bridge that spans a glowing pit in the center of the map.
Is it in Fahrenheit or Celsius?
A perspective view of a Forge map recreation of Zanzibar from Halo 2 or Last Resort from Halo 3.
Wind farm 7 in Kusini Bay, Zanzibar, requisitioned and razed as part of Spartan training exercises.
Credits: JAKEV10, Bomber away23569, gForce909, knightwolf12630, Rail Warrior349
Bookmark: Lightspeed Halo
A player with a gravity hammer tries to smash a warthog that tumbles past them.
I feel the need… the need for Speed ​​Halo.
Credits: ImDahUnicorn
Bookmark: Immolate
A stone structure appears to be reclaimed by the jungle.
A vast expanse of endless possibilities.
Credits: Paimon
Bookmark: Anomaly
A gray cave-like map has various entrances, all glowing with different colors.
A beautiful environment, but it has begun to deviate from its normal path.


If VidGamesPete keep posting great tutorials i will keep showing them. His latest video helps show how you can build an interactable (or hackable) door in Forge. With this tutorial, you can essentially recreate the loot caves from Fragmentation all on your own.

You can also bookmark this Forerunner door and a smaller door that he has published on his files for your own use. Also worth noting that Pete wears the Oreo coating – so you know he’s legit.
That’s going to make it to this week’s Forge Feature blog, but stay tuned here @Glory for the latest news and community content!

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