Myrtle Beach committee rethinks allowing wind-driven shading devices next summer Myrtle Beach

He said that allowing Shibumi shades reduces beach shade ordinance violations, citing Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, as an example.

“Shibumi has never received a complaint from any government about its beach shades,” Barnes said in an email. “Shibumi beach shades are allowed and enjoyed in over 700 beaches in the United States (over 99%) year-round. Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, and unincorporated Horry County Beaches are the only beaches from Maryland to Texas that do not allow Shibumi beach shades.”

Last summer, Ocean Isle Beach decided to allow wind-driven shading devices for a trial run.

“We did try to restrict them to within a certain distance of the dunes so they wouldn’t be all over the beach,” said Mayor Debbie Smith, but after the police kept telling people to move them, they got rid of the location restriction. “I didn’t see a big problem because most people kept them on the soft sand beach anyway, which was closer to the dunes.”

Since allowing them anywhere on the beach, Smith said the town has not had any problems with enforcement or an excessive number of citations.

“The biggest concerns that I heard were the size of them; they’re bigger than an umbrella,” Smith said. “But you put three or four umbrellas together and they’re bigger than a Shibumi. Some people complain about them being noisy. I’ve sat right beside them and I’ve never been aggravated by any noise.”

If the town did try to get rid of them after allowing them for the trial run, Smith said, “My whole town board might be hung off the side of the bridge.”

Beach umbrellas can be dangerous and deadly. What’s being done to make beaches safer?

But Taylor said his committee wanted to support city staff and their recommendation.

“There’s concern from the fire department and police department that this would be a distraction and take away from their ability to do what they are there to do, which is make the beach a safer place,” Taylor said. “We also recognize that wind-driven shading devices are popular, offering a safe, less cumbersome alternative for the elderly and visitors. They’re kind of a new product so we wanted to give the ordinance a good vetting.”


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