Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective launches June 30

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam on June 30 for $29.99, Capcom announced.

Pre-orders include the four backgrounds “Missile,” “Kamila and Missile,” Sissel and Lynne, and “Ray and the Black Cat,” as well as the music tracks “Missile, Brave Little Creature” and “Chicken Paradise,” which can be listened to in the main menu.

While the game will be digital only in the West, the PlayStation 4 and Switch versions will be available both physically and digitally in Japan. The physical edition will cost ¥4,389, while the digital edition will cost ¥3,990. Pre-orders will soon be available at Amazon Japan, Amiami, Play-Asia and other retailers.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Capcom:


Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective resurrected for a re-release in 2023! Return to the spirit world with Sissel, an unsuspecting ghost mysteriously stranded in the afterlife on Earth. Decipher puzzles, crack clues, and channel supernatural abilities in this maze of an adventure to find the truth behind Sissel’s death. Launch in summer 2023, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will be remastered with a jam-packed collection of brand new features, including high-definition visuals, re-arranged and recorded music, exclusive images and more!

Key features

  • A revived story mode with a crisp comeback – Originally published in 2010, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is now remastered in higher resolution with sharper and less pixelated images adapted to 1080/60 frames per second. second graphic quality.
  • Adapted to detectives on different units – Available on PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One and PC via Steam, Sissel’s relaxing adventure is optimized for players to play comfortably on both controller and/or touchscreens (applicable only to platforms with built-in touchscreen functionality) .
  • Three newly added languages – Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese have now been added to make a total of nine languages ​​available, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese.
  • New challenges and fresh trophies – Players can train their brains with ghost puzzles available in different modes including 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5! By completing different levels of the game, players can also win new trophies!
  • Improved menu and system functions – Enjoy the gameplay to your liking! Players can change settings to suit different preferences, such as user-friendly sounds, languages, and auto-advance settings.
  • Reimagined musical numbers and unique illustrations – Yasumasa Kitagawa, the music composer for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, has remastered a one-for-one soundtrack for the entire game! In addition, a never-before-seen collection of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective illustrations can be unlocked in the Extras menu.

Watch a new trailer below. Check out a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

Pre-order trailer



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