Here’s a closer look at how flat the Google Pixel 8 Pro’s screen will be

Based on a CAD rendering comparison

The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are over six months away from their debut. However, a recent leak gave us our first detailed look at the major design changes Google is planning for its 2023 Pixels, including a flat display, a more rounded back and housing the camera array in a single pill. Now, the source of those leaks has shared close-up CAD rendering comparisons of the Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro, showing just how flat the screen on the upcoming Pixel will be.


From the CAD renderings divide by @Onleaks on Twitter, we get a good idea of ​​how flat the Pixel 8 Pro’s screen will be compared to the Pixel 7 Pro’s curved screen. The difference may not seem like much, but a flat screen helps prevent accidental touches. It also means that you should easily find a good (and cheap) tempered screen protector for the Pixel 8 Pro, unlike the Pixel 7 Pro.

Google could still use a 2.5D curved display on the Pixel 8 series, but only time will tell. Don’t worry about the thick frames and other odd details in the CAD images as they are inaccurate.

The renders also give us a closer look at the rounded corners of the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro’s display versus the current generation of Pixels. Google intends to use screens with significantly more rounded corners on the new Pixels to complement their new rounded design. Here’s hoping Google also ensures that the curvature of the system’s UI elements matches the screen’s rounded edges.

We’re not fans of curved-edge displays, but almost all of our favorite Android phones use curved displays. But it looks like Google is ready to buck the trend with the Pixel 8 Pro this year. Samsung also took a similar direction with the Galaxy S23 Ultra this year. While it didn’t completely ditch the curved edges of its 2023 flagship phone, the screen is much flatter than before.

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