Condor adds inflight internet to A330neo fleet

Condor’s newest planes will fly online. The carrier added in-flight connectivity to its A330neo fleet, providing internet service in the sky to passengers via the new Condor FlyConnect system.

Passengers can choose from three paid tiers of service while traveling:

  • Chat Unlimited
  • Basic (two hours)
  • Premium (four hours)

The first 10 minutes of the chat service can be accessed for free. The other tiers are all paid, with rates starting at seven euros.

Delivering inflight connectivity was hinted at when Condor placed the A330neo order in 2021, but was not confirmed at the time.

Condor also boosted the inflight entertainment content available on board the A330neo fleet. While the short-haul and mid-haul fleet offer only the FlyStream wireless IFE option, the A330neo long-haul fleet includes 4K screens at every seat for passengers.

Travelers on Condor’s long-haul routes can choose from up to 250 films and 160 series, including well-known blockbusters and new releases, free of charge. Passengers can also download a wide selection of eJournals in various languages ​​in advance, including magazines, daily newspapers, travel guides, and children’s books.

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