The Clever Hard-Boiled Egg Peeling Hack That Has Stunned The Internet

Here are the steps, based on Max Klymenko’s Instagram demonstration: Hold the egg vertically and crack the shell open on the air cell side (the larger side). Then peel off a portion of the shell, about the size of a nickel. Next, crack open the shell of the opposite end, and peel off a smaller portion of the shell. Then, hold the egg with one hand, take a deep breath, and blow into the smaller hole, which will quickly push the egg right out of the larger side.

Klymenko makes the process look fast and simple, but is it as easy as it looks? TODAY senior food stylist Ashley Holt tried it live on the TODAY show. Although she had video proof (which aired during the episode) that it did work, her live attempt in front of her co-hosts was not successful. “Unfortunately, this particular trick only seems to work under very specific circumstances,” she said. She claims the eggs need to be freshly removed from the water for the hack to work.

Caters Clips shared a YouTube clip of another woman, Melinda Friend, attempting the hack after drinking two bottles of wine. Although she was slightly intoxicated, Friend succeeded in blowing an egg out of its shell, twice, as she giggled with delight.

Admit it. You want to try it, too (if you haven’t already), so just remember Holt’s advice, and remember to have your hand ready to catch the egg. Good luck!

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