Video Of Starfish Crawling On Glass Stuns Internet

The video accumulated a whopping 8.6 million views and over 158,000 likes.

Our planet never ceases to amaze us. It is filled with some fascinating things that have already been explored, and some that are yet to be discovered. Now, a video showing one such spectacular phenomenon of nature is going viral on the internet.

The short clip, posted on Twitter by a user named Fascinating, showed a starfish crawling against a glass. In the video, one can notice that the marine creature has various short legs with the help of which they move across the surface smoothly. These tiny legs move in one motion, almost looking like small dots below the animal.

“A close look at how starfish walk,” the caption of the post read.

Watch the video below:

Starfish are marine invertebrates that are closely related to sea urchins and sand dollars. Despite the fact that starfish are among the most ubiquitous marine creatures, little is known about their mobility. So naturally, when a video showing how a starfish walks surfaced on social media, it left internet users stunned.

The clip was shared on Twitter on Monday and since then it has accumulated a whopping 8.6 million views and over 158,000 likes. In the comment section, while some internet users called the video amazing, others called it “bizarre but beautiful”.

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“That’s amazing, yet somewhat terrifying. I want to incorporate this in character design somehow,” wrote one user. “I absolutely hate this but can’t stop looking at it … it’s so weird looking,” said another.

“The design is very bizarre but so beautiful in submarine technology,” commented a third. “Fascinating, no doubt, but I don’t want to see this again,” said the fourth.

Meanwhile, speaking of fascinating creatures, earlier a video showing a rare species of glass octopus floating in the sea had taken the internet by storm. The video was posted by ‘The Oxygen Project’ and it featured a marine creature living deep down in the vast ocean. The video amassed more than 20,000 views and hundreds of likes.

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