Pokemon Go trainers will have a simple quality of life concept added to the TM screen

Released: 2023-03-05T20:24:33

Up to date: 2023-03-05T20:24:43

A Pokemon Go trainer created a simple concept for a quality of life improvement for the game’s TM screen, and players want to see it as an actual feature.

While Pokemon Go incorporates many elements from the main video game series into its mobile game format, there are still some of the core series that fans want to see brought over.

The lack of in-depth stats display like those found in main titles like Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is something that Pokemon Go fans have been asking to be addressed for some time now.

Now a trainer has created a simple concept around TM labels and movement damage that fans think would be a great addition to the game.

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Pokemon Go trainer creates a practical TM screen concept

The concept itself comes from TheSilphRoad subreddit and shows a slight modification of the TM screen with some useful information.

Where the list of moves is normally displayed, there are also indicators of how much damage per second, moves will do, as well as a tag for Elite TMs.

Currently, there is no in-app breakdown of how much damage a move will do directly, and many Pokemon Go players have taken to using third-party apps to get handy breakdowns of this kind of information.

However, many members of the community argued that a DPS indicator would be a bit of a niche addition. “IMO casuals who don’t look at 3rd party websites/apps for info don’t know what DPS is nor should they care. If they really want to know the difference between all the water-type moves Kyogre teaches , then they Google it.”

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Another trainer countered this argument saying, “I had a friend tell me once ‘oh Solar Beam is better than Frenzy Plant because it does more damage.’ …there’s nothing in the game to educate players about what that actually means… DPS might not be a practical thing to show, but we can still do better than what we have now.”

While many trainers said that a DPS counter might not be necessary, a majority of players agreed that tags for Elite and Legacy moves would be a great addition to the TM screen. Of course, whether or not Niantic adds features like this to the game remains to be seen.

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