Random: Reggie Burns E3 With Miiverse Comparison

Image: Nintendo

After reports that the world’s big three console manufacturers would not be attending E3 this year (Nintendo’s absence was later confirmed), we all fell for the idea that the respective announcements should be spread out a bit more across the calendar. PAX organizer ReedPop (who — full publication time! — is a partner of Nintendo Life and its sister sites in the Hookshot Media network) is looking to rebuild the fair after a remarkably rough period for the once-great event, but it’s safe to say it’s hit some bumps in the road.

The exact form this year’s event will take and how it will differ from ReedPop’s other video game events — PAX, for example — have yet to be revealed, but former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé has given the troubled show a blow. on socials (thanks, My Nintendo News).

After @ProbablyExoByte took to Twitter to mark that Reggie’s Miiverse avatar still announced the presence of the “E3 community”, Fils-Aimé took the opportunity to draw a comparison between the now-defunct social media platform’s emptiness and the ‘new reality’ of E3’s lineup and outlook. Ouch.

It’s hardly the most devastating punch we’ve seen, but using the silence of the Miiverse to poke fun at E3’s declining popularity is certainly a cheeky little dig.

Mr. Summer Games Fest himself (and noted Reggie friend), Geoff Keighley, responded to the exchange, posting a laughing emoji in response to Reggie’s burn. Now guys, let’s not get all cliquey…

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