Sony ordered to pay back payments as Austrian court declares FIFA Gambling

Sony has been ordered to pay refunds after an Austrian court ruled FIFA Ultimate Team a form of gambling. The controversial game mode sees players spend money on digital card packs which include virtual footballers. These can then be traded, sold for in-game currency, or used to assemble teams that fans can use to compete online.

But Games Wirtschaft reports that a small court in Hermagor filed an application in favor of several FIFA players who took Sony to court in 2020. It should be noted that PlayStation does not make the soccer game, but it takes a cut of all transactions that performed through it PS shopand that includes those who pay for FIFA packs.

The plaintiffs, including a minor, claimed they gambled away €400 (~$425) in the game, and lawyer Ulrich Salburg said the random nature of the rewards violated the country’s gambling laws. As a result, Sony has been ordered to pay back €338 (~$359), but has yet to comment on the ruling. While the amounts aren’t exactly eye-popping for a company of its size, it will be interesting to see if this sets a precedent for FIFA Ultimate Team moving forward.

Obviously, the condition has been the subject of much scrutiny worldwide for several years now, with various governments claiming that it is a form of gambling. This has resulted in the feature being removed in some areas, such as the Benelux region, although it remains available – largely unchanged – in most countries.

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