Wargroove 2 announced for Switch, PC

Publisher and developer Chucklefish and developer Robotality have announced the turn-based strategy game sequel Wargroove 2 for Switch and PC (Steam). A release date was not announced.

Here’s an overview of the game via its Steam page:


Wargroove is back! Embark on an all-new adventure, filled with unlikely friendships, unknown adversaries and nasty plans for revenge. Wage war against your enemies with a cast of new commanders and use their new tiered ‘groove’ ability system to sway the battle in your favor. Design and share maps, cutscenes and campaigns with easy-to-use editors and in-depth customization tools.

Command over land, sea and sky

Three years have passed since Queen Mercia and her allies defeated the ancient adversaries and restored peace to Aurania. Now an ambitious foreign faction is uncovering forbidden technologies that could have disastrous consequences for the country and its people. Fight your way through three campaigns following one interwoven story. Only brave decisions, smart resources and tactical know-how can mend a broken kingdom…

Brand new groove system

Strike down your enemies and deliver the final blow with your commander’s “Groove”, a special skill unique to each commander that can turn the tide of battle. Wargroove 2 introduces a new Groove system to the mix. Increase your chances of victory by charging your Commander’s Groove ability to unleash an even more powerful attack!

Lead a Roguelike Conquest

Conquest is a brand new roguelike single player game mode. In these quick, small battles, every choice is permanent. Gold and health carry over from skirmish to skirmish, and no unit is unnecessary. Choose your commander, starting troops and plan your route to victory!

Create, customize and share the art of war

Tired of the rules? Change them! Do you want to write a soul-crushing short story about forbidden love in a war-torn country? Eat your heart out! There is something for everyone. Using the in-game editor, you can create custom maps, cutscenes and campaigns and even share them with the community!

Make Frenemies today!

Play up to four player co-op or versus matches, locally or online. With complete rule customization and asynchronous play. Can’t argue with your best in battle? Come join our Discord and find a partner!

Watch the trailer for the announcement below. See the first screenshots in the gallery.

Advertise trailer

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